Translation Please

A lot has changed after Delhi gang-rape. A lot has been talked about the Delhi, security, men, all and sundry.

And here are journalists from France who had come to a media institution in Delhi, to make a web documentary during the maddening heat of Delhi summers. We filmmakers are put to work with them in the video project. Theme –Women

But all we did was mere translation from Hindi to English and sometimes from English to English. In the course of work we unleash how these foreigners perceive India, Indian women and how they have build India’s image around stereotypes. And these stereotypes have become stronger after Delhi Gang-rape.

But, will they ever know about the unwritten footnotes, untold silences, and unread sign posts which refuse to succumb to mere translation? The documentary is about our reason on why we do not want to translate anymore. It tries to answer the question- Has the state of women changed after Delhi-gang-rape?


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