Photographer Nikolaz Godet and His India

India_Kerala_backwaters_Godet_NikolazIndia is rich in color, contrast, and culture. And so it finds a lot of artists, filmmakers and photographers coming to capture interesting stories or just create one of their own. Some bid adieu with the promise to breathe the same air again and some choose to stay. One such example is Nikolaz Godet, born in Brittany in the 70′s, he came to India in 2005 and since 7 years has made it his home.

“India is a paradise for photographers. It is the way of life which appeals to me. Born in Europe, my eyes see India differently. There are so many subjects still uncovered.”

Indeed there are! But what makes Nikolaz special is his portrayal of India sans color. Where most photographers try to capture Indian hue and tone in one frame, Nikolaz gives it a break. He instead specializes in portraiture, lifestyle, travel and fine art photography; recording India in monochrome shades.

“Black and white are really strong colors. I am just comfortable with them. They speak about subject in an unusual way, with the focus being the eyes of the portrait. Black and white photographs are complete in them with no confusion or disturbance.”

His subject contrast is huge yet beautiful. He has documented the diversity of the subcontinent, varying from lush green landscapes, remote villages and ever expanding megalopolises. Nikolaz has been lucky to have witnessed one of the biggest movements in India, the Anna Hazare’s anti-corruption movement. He has also covered eclectic events, from the Formula 1 Grand Prix to Fashion Week. These experiences have allowed him to work with clients such as Red Bull and the FIA ,which awards the world motorsport champions. 


“Contrast is very wide in India. You would find new subjects after every 50km. And street photography has its own charm in India.”

I couldn’t agree more. There is always someone peeping in your frame adding their beauty to it!

My favorite topic of all is Nikolaz’s coverage of the Kumbh Mela, the largest pilgrimage in the world. As colorful and interesting this festival is, Nikolaz’s black and white images of it are just brilliant. A place where one would never imagine anything but colors, his images sparkle with silver, white, and black. The intensity and flavor is as rich as the Kumbh Mela itself.


Nikolaz loves his freedom and needs to stay independent. Being a freelancer himself he thinks it is all about passion and courage. “You need to have passion, without it one cannot succeed especially in the field of photography. One needs to struggle and compromise. Patience and motivation is key here. I believe one’s works should be honest and good. I have seen a lot of people shifting from it. One who has the courage can only stay here.” You can never forget these words!

He is also working on a book with all his wonderful photo stories in it. When he is not traveling for personal projects or working on assignments, he leads workshops a few times a year through India, Tibet and Nepal. His upcoming workshop is in Spiti valley, Himachal Pradesh, India from 2-16 August, 2014. If you are a passionate photographer and want to learn more, you shouldn’t miss it or the opportunity to meet Nikolaz Godet!

Curious to learn more about Nikolaz and get more info on his upcoming workshops? Check out his website here.

Have you ever taken photographs during your exotic travels? What techniques to you use to capture the place? Please share below!

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