Making mistakes!

Novel waysAbhishek Kapoor with model Ramona. Photo: The Hindu

Novel waysAbhishek Kapoor with model Ramona. Photo: The Hindu

Abhishek Kapoor, best known for his movie “Rock On!”, is all set to woo the audience again with his new movie “Kai Po Che” with television actors Sushant Singh Rajput, Amit Sadh and “Ragini MMS” fame Raj Kumar Yadav in the lead roles. This movie is an adaptation of Chetan Bhagat’s bestseller “3 Mistakes Of My Life”.

Abhishek started his career as an actor with the movie “Uff Ye Mohabbat”. But after doing two more films he shifted direction with “Aryan”.

Excerpts from an interview:

Out of all the novels, why have you selected Chetan Bhagat’s “3 Mistakes Of My Life”?

Chetan offered me “Two States” and “3 Mistakes Of My Life” and I selected the latter one. I thought as a film writer I could do a lot more with the story. The story has potential to be a very memorable film. What I liked most are the character Ishaan, Omi and Govind. As far as the story of the novel is concerned, I have changed a bit and I have retained a bit. I think someone who has read the novel will be happy with the adaptation.

What does the title “Kai Po Che” stands for?

It is a Gujarati word. It is like if you cut someone’s kite, you shout as a victory call, “Kai Po Che”. As a metaphor it really suits the story and theme of the film.

What are the challenges which you faced while making a movie adapted from a novel?

Adaptation process is a tricky one. It is very difficult to explain. The scenes and characters have already been defined and if you put your changes, you partner with someone. It is like having a baby. Baby comes out of a mother but father’s participation cannot be denied. I am father of this movie.

You started your career as an actor, and now you are into direction. Which one do you prefer?

Direction any day! I have complete control on my career now. It is a very empowering job to tell a story to audience. As an actor I feel very dependant on for whom I am working for, who the director is.

‘Rock On!’ was also about friendship. What did you learn during the making of “Koi Po Che”? Also what are your future projects?

I learnt a lot about Gujarat and about India. I got to tackle friendship of different strata. It was challenging but also great fun. I am working on “Rock On – 2” right now.

(This article was first published in The Hindu-MetroPlus)


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