One for the North

EVENT-Finalists of Miss North India 2012 announced

Here’s one more crown up for grabs — Miss North India 2012. “We are giving a platform to those talented and beautiful girls who did not get a platform at Miss India and other such pageants,” says the organiser Kapil Goswami of Earth Infrastructures while announcing the 20 finalists of Earth Miss North India 2012 at Hotel Taurus in Mahipalpur, New Delhi.

In the pageant, 20 contestants selected from all over North India will be groomed in styling and beauty. Elaborating further, Bharat Bhramer, Chairman and Director of Shri Sai Entertainment, says, “We conduct auditions all over North India and select 20 contestants. We then groom them, and out of the 20 a winner is selected.

This is a platform from where they can enter the glam world. The winner will get a chance to act in a Hindi film.”

The 20 finalists are a confident lot. Naina, hair and makeup artiste for the event, is quite positive about all of them and tells them, “If you will be happy, you will look beautiful.”

Christina, who is also involved in grooming the finalists, wishes them luck and cheers them on, telling them not to lose hope if they don’t win as “this is just an experience.” She also asks them to be “beautiful inside and outside.”

Goswami adds, “Thirty per cent of the money collected will go towards the education of underprivileged girls.” Apart from the main title, there will be other sub-contests like Miss Beautiful Hair, Miss Beautiful eyes, Miss Beautiful Body, Miss Photogenic, Miss Beautiful Smile, Miss Catwalk, Miss Talented and Miss Popular.

This is fifth year of Miss North India. The semi-finals will be held in Jaipur and the finale will take place in Gurgaon on June 27. Actors actress Mink Brar and Harshitaa Bhatt will be the main jury members. Noida-based 21-year-old Manasvi Jaitley was last year’s winner.

(This article was first published in The Hindu-MetroPlus)


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